Google, Tesla, Apple: Blow for activists as US court dismisses child labour cases

US court ruling in favour of Alphabet (Google), Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Tesla is a ‘profound disappointment’ for activists fighting for victims of child labour in DRC’s cobalt mining operations.

By AT&IJ 11 Min Read

Ghana’s Akufo-Addo wants Africa’s stash of cash brought back home from abroad

By Bright Simons/The Africa Report African leaders have called for repatriating 30% of the continent’s foreign reserves held overseas. Is this a good idea? African Union (AU) summits are not

By AT&IJ 12 Min Read

UNECA’s Claver Gatete: “We need to focus on a practical, collaborative and regional approach”

The executive secretary of UNECA says that the organisation is finding the best ways to collaborate with African countries to achieve their mutual ambitions By Omar Ben Yeddar/African Business Omar

By AT&IJ 6 Min Read

Africa’s Eurobonds market roars back to life

Recent successful Eurobond issuances by Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Kenya are a sign that global financial conditions are getting more conducive for African nations to tap into the international debt

By AT&IJ 10 Min Read



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African countries at COP28: several big wins and a united voice

Bamidele Olajide, University of Lagos African countries entered the recent COP28 negotiations

By AT&IJ 7 Min Read

“KENYA Ruto’s plan to profit from the ports hits problems”

The government aims to raise quick cash from privatising state assets but

By AT&IJ 0 Min Read

Africa’s Eurobonds market roars back to life

The Covid-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and the surge in global

By AT&IJ 10 Min Read

“King Charles, Visiting Kenia, Faces Calls to Answer for Colonial Abuses”

Older Kenyans who lived through the British colonial period want an apology

By AT&IJ 1 Min Read

Africa scores UN win against corporate tax avoidance

By Julian Pecquet, in Washington Nigeria led the call to give the world body a say on taxing multinational corporations. African countries

By AT&IJ 7 Min Read

UK: Daniel Kaluuya premieres directorial debut ‘The Kitchen’

Daniel Kaluuya brought the world premiere of his feature directorial debut, “The Kitchen,” to the BFI London Film Festival's closing

By AT&IJ 5 Min Read

“SOUTH AFRICA At last, the $8.5bn energy transition plan is ready”

Delayed by the power crisis and fights with the coal lobby, the government says the green plan will launch at

By AT&IJ 1 Min Read

The Crisis of African Democracy

Coups Are a Symptom—Not the Cause—of Political Dysfunction By Comfort Ero and Murithi Mutiga/Foreign Affairs January/February 2024 These days, a question

By AT&IJ 37 Min Read

From African Business ~ World Bank: Developing countries on path to debt crisis and lost decade

Only quick and coordinated action by debtor governments, private and official creditors, and multilateral financial institutions will prevent a lost

By AT&IJ 5 Min Read

Ghana’s Akufo-Addo wants Africa’s stash of cash brought back home from abroad

“Reserves” do not usually include less liquid national assets overseas, such as diplomatic holdings of buildings, sovereign wealth fund investments,

By AT&IJ 12 Min Read

Somalia: At least 31 killed in floods caused by torrential rains

Floods caused by torrential rainfall have killed at least 31 people in various parts of Somalia, according to the Somali

By AT&IJ 2 Min Read