Ghana’s Akufo-Addo wants Africa’s stash of cash brought back home from abroad

“Reserves” do not usually include less liquid national assets overseas, such as diplomatic holdings of buildings, sovereign wealth fund investments,

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UNECA’s Claver Gatete: “We need to focus on a practical, collaborative and regional approach”

The role of financial institutions is critical. Our traditional institutions, such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and

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Africa’s Eurobonds market roars back to life

The Covid-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and the surge in global interest rates have had a severe impact on

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The AfCFTA is a Silver Bullet Against Africa’s Skulking Poverty

Import substitution had as much success as structural adjustment policies (SAPs) in attracting FDI, growing African economies, and ending poverty.

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How Africa can attract tech investment beyond the “Big Four

Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria continue to lead for VC investment, but there is a need to attract tech

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From African Business ~ The coming year for African banks

Operating conditions for most African banks are likely to be similar in 2024, but there are signs that things could

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From African Business ~ China announces plans to boost renminbi use in Southern Africa

In a visit to Zambia, the vice-president of the Bank of China, Lin Jingzhen, announced plans to boost the use

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